Essay about Why The World Is Flat

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As we are all aware since the 2000’s and Y2K the world as we know it has changed drastically. Due to technological changes we are now able to connect with one another like never before, which changes all aspects of our lives. Social Media is king and not only does connect us with one another but is largely now how business connect with us.

As Leamer claims “suppose that, by an accident of history, a geographically large area with a large population adopted much the same language and much the same culture. Though large physically, this area is small culturally. Call it the United States of America” (Leamer). Due to new advancements in technology our culture is widely viewed throughout the entire world. So much of our own culture is marketed throughout this new proclaimed flat world. A celebrity of the United States is also a celebrity in Hong Kong, a YouTube channel can be watched in India, and its these parts of our culture that are now seen throughout the entire world that Leamer connects to Friedman’s accusations of a flat world.

I felt one of the most interesting parts that Friedman points out is this idea of an economic playing field between countries becoming leveled. Friedman’s idea of open sourcing can be a large contribution to a flat world, no longer do we just compete for jobs and products within the United States alone but this playing field includes opponents from all over the globe. This of course does have large pros and cons and we have seen this evident