Why We Shouldn T Open The Casino Downtown

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Why we shouldn’t open the Casino downtown.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what about Ottawa? We all know Vegas as the place with thousands of Casinos, late nights, and a place to go do whatever you want and come back as if nothing ever happened. So why would people come to Ottawa for a Casino. The government thinks that they can open a casino down town and they will get more tourists. They plan on putting it right downtown where businesses are trying to survive, with all that money hidden behind little wooden counters. All you need to do is pull a gun and run to the casino with the money you need to pay off your dept. And worst of all there are homes in that area; imagine living two minutes away from a Casino. They will probably grow up to have gambling problems. The government is planning on passing the idea without even looking at what happen if we do! I honestly don’t think that this is the best way to go, because if we need money we should find a better way than corrupting young people’s life.

Okay so I have listed some of my many reasons, but if you still don’t believe me I need to dig a little deeper. Did you know that crime rates are higher around casinos? That there are more robberies than anywhere else in towns, so why are they planning a casino downtown where there is a market and homes. There are children and families there where you can easily rob money. In the market they have small valuable items and money hidden behind weak wooden counters. Do you know how easy it would be for people who need some more money for the casino to steal some money? That does not happen often in the Ottawa we live in now, but if we do open a casino that will bring alot of desperate people downtown and what better place to target that the market. Then there is the fact that the Casino will dry out the entire community. No one will go shopping in those tiny little market stores when they can go to the Casino. The Casino will shut down businesses and people’s dreams. Making one family poor to make another’s rich. So is it really worth it! We already have some slot machines in Ottawa in Quebec, a just think that Ottawa is being greedy and that they are purposely trying to make a challenge out of this.

How does the government think that they can open a casino and it will draw more tourists? People won’t come to Ottawa for a Casino. There is already a huge wonderful working Casino in Quebec, why would people come to Ottawa for it. People come to Ottawa for the parliament buildings, for some culture and a stroll down in the market. If you come to Ottawa it means that you want a peaceful relaxing environment. The Casino will just bring drunk children and old people with no life, ruining our society. Now that I think of it, the casino will scare lots of families off! If they wanted Casinos they will go to