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Core skill- why people cheat?
The term plagiarism, derived from the Latin word ‘plagiarius’ meaning ‘kidnapper’ or ‘plunderer’, has been defined as the practice of using other’s ideas and texts and claiming them as one’s own original authorship without acknowledging the source ( Bal Krishna Sharma, 2007). A truth is found that plagiarism is a kind of immoral action because Plagiarism violates the rights of original writers and gets various illegal profits from the action. Reasons of plagiarism could be divided into two directions mainly. One is deliberate; the other is misunderstanding because of lacking knowledge about how to use reference correctly.

In the recent year, increasingly people are involved in the storm of plagiarism, especially in universities. According to a report of Richard, G, Complaints from students accused of plagiarism have more than doubled in the past four years (Richard G, 2012). Increasingly graduates spend more time on entertainment instead of hard study and. And the similar phenomenon is found in society as well. According to a series of report of BBC, A Romanian education minister was accused because of plagiarism, the Hungarian president has already lost his doctorate because of plagiarism, and the Russian Minister of Culture is facing accusations because of plagiarism (Debora W, 2012). In order to improve reputation, choices of promotion and more profits, those who have illegitimate objectives and fluky idea is willing to take higher risks.

However, a part of those who was blamed because of plagiarism have other reasons that they lack knowledge about how to avoid plagiarism. According to a survey of Coventry University from BBC, more than 40% students think if they change some words or sentences from original article, they could copy it and it is not plagiarism (BBC, 2013). Regardless of the action is deliberate or misunderstanding, some serious consequences will be triggered once plagiarism is found. From a report of BBC, both German Education Minister Annette and Schavan Taiwan's defense minister, Andrew Yang have resigned because of his plagiarism (Stephen Evans, 2013) (BBC, 2013).

It is not only responsibilities of university that the whole society should pay attention to avoid the spread of plagiarism. In universities, even senior or junior school, teacher should teach students detailed knowledge about how to avoid plagiarism and its serious consequences, set more advanced monitoring system to check assignments. In addition, for those who try to copy other ideas, both universities and organizations should build some solutions of