Why To Study In Cyprus Essay

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Study in Cyprus
Cyprus is located at the intersection of the three continents, which are- Africa, Middle East and Europe. It is blessed with natural beauty and has healthiest environments in the world. Cyprus has also emerged as one of the leading business and financial centres. Cyprus provide students numerous educational opportunities and is attracting students from all over the world. There are a number of reasons to consider while you plan to study in Cyprus. A few of the notable reasons for studying in Cyprus are highlighted below:-
Guaranteed Visa: - Since entry visas are issued in advance, therefore getting a visa is not a problem as far as studying in Cyprus in concerned.
High level education: - The level of education and infrastructure in Ireland matches as that of USA and UK. The country is free from political and communal disturbances and provides students with a safe and
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In order to be granted visa, students are supposed to meet several study visa requirements, which are given as below:-
• Original Passport
• Recently clicked photographs
• Academic documents
• Work experience
• Police clearance certificate
• Visa fee
• Medical certificates
• Bank letter of financial support, etc
The documents that students are presenting need to be in English and if they are not in English, but be translated in English by credible authorities. The police clearance certificate and medical documents must be issued by police/governmental authorities. All other certificates, such as academic documents, medical certificates, copy of passport, bank letter, police clearance certificate must be attested.
Accommodation in Cyprus
International students can avail numerous accommodation options in Cyprus. Students can prefer living in dormitories, flats,