A Brief Note On The Sala Silvermine

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For my paper I chose the Sala Silvermine, located in Västmanland County in Sweden. I like the fact that the hotel is one of the best preserved silver mines. The Silver Mine in Sala was during a long period of time Sweden’s biggest producer of silver and periodically one of Europe’s most important producer. The mine consists of sooty, horizontal galleries at roughly 20 km and where huge cavities and shafts will comfort the visitor’s imagination. They have different kinds of room on their property. There are rooms above ground and there is one underground “mine suite”. The mine suite is 155m underground surrounded by winding galleries and thrilling cavities. Upon arrival you get a guided tour of the 155 m level. After this tour you are served a basket with refreshments (cheese, biscuits, fruits, sparkling wine and chocolate) and left alone with your significant other to enjoy the quietness of the mine. A staff member is above ground and is accessible through an intercom radio because mobile phones don’t work that far underground. There are a few downsides to this underground room. There is a simple toilet located about 50m from the mine suite. You have to go above ground to use a shower or bathtub. The mine is only 2 degrees Celsius all year round, so you have to wear a coat. The rooms are warmed up to about 18 degrees and the bed is equipped with a thick cover and an extra pair of blankets. Personally I wouldn’t want to stay in that cold of a room without an electric blanket. The room also has a two padded chairs that look like they’ve been painted silver and also a few small pillars that have candles on them. I like how they add silver to the décor because that really adds to the whole “old silver mine” feel. Guided tours are the main thing while you’re there. They have tours for all kinds of different mines underground and above ground. They also have tours for children that teach them about