Why Vaccinations Are Important Essay

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Vaccinations: An Important Part of Society
Megan Kelly
ENG-123 18EW4
Instructor Elizabeth Church
April 15, 2018

Vaccinations are an important part of a healthy society. Vaccinations are not just important for a single person but it also safeguards the community around that person. If one person brings in that sickness or diseases but they haven’t received vaccinations for it, it’ll spread to others quicker. The worldwide efforts of science and medicine to study and explore possible treatments of diseases and how these efforts have made vaccination safer than ever before. People are choosing not to vaccinate on the fear that it will lead to autism which has been scientifically disproven but because the media and certain celebrities push the issue it does not matter what science is telling the people.
Vaccinations are a hotly contested topic in the United States with some parents believing that they are unhealthy and others believing they are required. Humans have used vaccines for hundreds of years and scientists have been studying diseases and how vaccines affect humans for just as long ensuring their safety. Vaccines usage, as well as dissemination, are
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It included scoring the flesh on a child’s arm, and inserting lymph from the blister of a person who had been vaccinated about a week earlier. Some objectors, including the local clergy, believed that the vaccine was “unchristian” because it came from an animal. For other anti-vaccinators, their discontent with the smallpox vaccine reflected their general distrust in medicine and in Jenner’s ideas about disease spread. Suspicious of the vaccine’s efficacy, some skeptics alleged that smallpox resulted from decaying matter in the atmosphere. Lastly, many people objected to vaccination because they believed it violated their personal liberty, a tension that worsened as the government developed mandatory vaccine