Why Violent Video Games Are Good For Girls Analysis

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In the article “Why Violent Video Games Are Good for Girls” by Carmen Tieu, she states her belief that videogames are good for girls because it gives females a clear and equal slate to compete with males. This encourages young women to challenge the stereotype that males are better than females, helping build their confidence. She also explains how it gives male and females a time to bond and connect rather than the traditional romance and dating. Based on these reasons I agree that violent video Games are good for girls.
Tieu’s first reason is “…playing FPS games gives girls the chance to beat guys at their own game.” (Ramage, 83)Tieu believes that it is an equal slate when it comes to playing FPS. It no longer involves the physical strength. She also believes, that “[s]ince female video gamers are so rare, playing shooter games allows girls to be freed from feminine stereotypes and increases their confidence.” (Ramage, 83) Basically, she is trying to shy away from the common gender roles and help build confidence not only in playing video games but also in life. Tieu states “[a]nother reason for girls to play FPS games is that it gives us a different way of bonding with guys.” (Ramage, 83) She believes that playing video games can build friendships without having to like the opposite sex. Finally, the author
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She perfectly explained her side of females playing games. Although, the thesis is not very clear, she backs it up with her detailed explanation of how she felt about the topic. The author claims that playing first person shooter games are good for girls. Tieu appears to be a little bias about the topic and may have been a little harsh to males, however she stood by her beliefs and even persuaded me to agree with her that violent video games are good for girls. I recommend every boy and girl to read “Why Violent Video Games Are Good For Girls” because it can open there eyes to something