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Intro. To Economics­4: Business­Labor Relations (Walmart) Assignment Guidelines
1. You may work alone or in a group of up to four total people.
2. Type your essay AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS DOCUMENT!!!
3. Your essay needs to be submitted as one “GoogleDoc” to AND it must include a properly formatted works cited page. There needs to be evidence that each person contributed equally to the document (NOT a copy; I need to view “Revision History”).
1. Include Period and each group member’s name in the title of your document.
4. Write an organized essay responding to the following prompt using the skills we’ve developed to date in class.
5. You need three sources MINIMUM.
6. The format of the essay should be as follows:
1. First Paragraph – thesis and first best point & evidence supporting thesis
2. Second paragraph & other body paragraphs – disproving the best point of the other side’s argument and/or prove other points not made in first paragraph
3. Last Paragraph – propose a course of action in your conclusion
1. (read about “Conclusions” on the following site: )
7. Your group will give a short oral presentation to the class where you explain the key points in your paper using graphs and vocabulary/content we’ve studied to date this semester. Prompt
To what extent is Walmart fulfilling its responsibilities as an American corporation? Content & Organization ● clear, specific topic sentence relating to prompt (controlling idea)
● controlling idea explained
● relevant, specific supporting details (2 minimum per paragraph)
● each detail explained and linked to controlling idea
● concluding sentences with thorough analysis/conclusions about details’ significance in relation to the controlling idea so the paragraph isn’t simply a summary/list of details
(the “So What?” sentences)
● transitions between sentences and into following paragraph
● oral presentation is accurate with graphs and appropriate links to content Mechanics ● proper spelling

● proper sentence completeness
● proper capitalization & punctuation
● word choice (e.g. avoid vague words, avoid personal pronouns, homonyms correct, etc.) ● proper parenthetical notation within essay
● properly formatted works cited page
● oral presentation is organized and refined Scoring (90+)=Student demonstrates command of the stated criteria throughout the paragraph(s) and any errors do not detract from the content and/or argument being made

(80+)=Student demonstrates an understanding of the above criteria but part is characterized by one or more of the following:
● Controlling idea needs slight revision (scope or clarity)
● Details included in each body paragraph but not sufficient to support main idea
● Details not clearly explained or linked to controlling idea and/or prompt
● Analysis attempted but not thorough
● Lacks refined “Mechanics” found in an exemplary essay (i.e. noticeable errors)
● Proper citation attempted within essay and works cited page
● Each student contributes “equally” (written and oral)
● Oral presentation doesn’t meet either the “Content” requirement OR the “Mechanics” requirement (70+)=Student demonstrates a lack of proficiency in at least one of the stated assessment categories and the error(s) detract from the content and/or the argument being made.
Examples of common errors include, but are not limited to, the following:
● Essay is incomplete or off­target (Controlling idea &/or support needs improvement)
● Too few, non­specific, or inappropriate details
● Details not explained
● Analysis/Conclusions not present
● Improper paragraph organization
● Errors in “Mechanics”
● Not cited properly
● Oral presentation meets neither the “Content” requirement NOR the “Mechanics” requirement Below 70=More than two of the above are true


Walmart is not…