Why Was Hitler Able to Dominate Germany by 1934 Essay

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Why was Hitler able to Dominate Germany by 1934?

World War one had left Germany in an unstable state. Large amounts of the state budget had been spent on war pensions, one of the factors contributing to Germany being virtually bankrupt. The war had deepened divisions in the German society, many workers were bitter because of restrictions placed on their wages. Germany could not start to recover and gain power again because it had reparations to pay due to the treaty of Versailles. The Weimar republic was under pressure, it had just survived some serious crises. From the left and right came putsches, assassinations and anti-government propaganda. The economy was weak and was damaged by inflation. The USA brought stability and recovery to
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Businesses had to close. As world trade declined, German exports slumped. Millions of German's lost their jobs. The depression hit the German people in different ways for those who had lost their jobs there was poverty, hunger and homelessness. All Germans did not suffer equally but even those protected from the worst of the depression felt the impact in other ways. The Weimar government seemed to have no idea what to about the rising problems in Germany. Too many Germans saw that the Weimar government was making a hopeless mess of handling the situation. People who had not been interesting in politics before began to vote and politics began to matter. Extremist parties came from right and left saying that they could solve all of Germany's problems. The Nazi's blamed the Weimar Republic, the Treaty of Versailles, the Marxists and the Jews and promised to get rid of ‘the enemy within' who was destroying Germany. The Nazi's saw the Weimar government was weak they offered a strong leadership. The Nazi's noticed the unemployment issues in Germany; they wanted to get people back to work on road building and public works. People were worried about the communists; the Nazi party had the SA who could deal with the communists. All these factors contributed to people voting for the Nazi's. Hitler's speeches gave people hope in their time of need. Due to the Nazi's strong campaigning though the depression they