Why Was Malcolm X So Violent

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Why was Malcolm so violent? Malcolm x was a militant, thinker and creator. He was unlike anybody else, he actually cared about people. In this essay the author will talk about Malcolm's move to boston with his sister and his trips to many different places and becoming a minister. Last but not least the betrayal with elijah muhammad. Malcolm made a new generation of fighters for equality.

New Life
In 1941 a young man named Malcolm Little moved to Boston in hopes of forgetting the past .He moves in with his sister Ella, who already live there. While in Boston Malcolm participated in various jobs such as, shoe shining, dishwashing, soda jerking and occasionally worked for the New Havern Railroad. As Malcolm continues to live in Boston he gets introduced to the criminal world. Doing things such as selling drugs, doing drugs and stealing. In 1946
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He becomes the Newly minister of temple number 11. He stays in boston for a while and then goes to New York to become the minister of temple 7, he was very successful there. Malcolm was asked for the last time again to be the minister in temple 12, located in Philadelphia. We all know the story of Malcolm X and Martin Luther king. Malcolm wanted violence and martin didn’t. With them it was always something wrong. On camera it looked like they got along, but it was obvious to everyone there was tension. Malcolm always thought that Martin’s ways were unnecessary and didn’t apply to what was going on during that time. It seemed as if Martin was putting on a show. A lot of people agreed with Martin because he had more followers and publicity. But it turns out Malcolm's ways were more effective. This statement “ By any means necessary”, that statement spreads a strong message for black people it means we will get justice and equality, whatever it takes by, any means necessary. In fact that message proved to be