Essay about Why was the 1911 election so important

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Why was the 1911 election so important
What was “the Spark” and what did it trigger (spark)
What did the US do until 1917 in the WW1
Describe the Ross rifle and two reasons it was disastorous
List Two things the women fought for in the Womens Movement
In a sentence or two describe he wa measures act
Name the battle in which the British suffered 50,000 troops on the first day
Summarize the Schlieffen plan. What was its primary purpose? What contributed to its failure?
List the problems associated with trenches
What happened to Russia after the war
List atlest three types of trenches
Why was life in the trenches hard
What did the treaty of Versailles do especially to Germany
Which battle lasted the longest in WW1
Describe the following terms Bourgeoisie - The owners of capital. Proletariat - The working class.
Name one thing that came out of WW1
List two slang words/sentences of 1920 with its meaning
Describe the Spanish flu in a sentence
Pandemic that spread around the world in 1918, killing more than 50 million people
World War I has often been described as an “unnecessary war.” Do you agree? Or not
Who were the big three when it came to the Treaty of Versailles The Big Three were Woodrow Wilson(USA), Lloyd George(Britain), and Clemenceau(France).

Arthur Zimmerman was the foreign secretary from what country?
a) Canada
b) United States of America
c) Germany
d) Mexico
The Zimmerman Telegram was to entice what country into going to war with the United States?