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Band Aides Don’t Fix Bullet Holes Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler 368 In the novel Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler the story follows Min Green as she flashes back to the relationship she had with her now ex­boyfriend Ed Slaterton and all of the reasons as to why they broke up. Min kept a box with various items that pertained to their relationship. And now that she has had some time since they broke she is ready to give him the box by leaving it on his front door step. As the novel begins it has Min in the front seat of her best friends car writing a letter to Ed describing all of the reasons leading up to them parting. Since Min and Ed come from such different worlds and have very different lives she describes all the reasons that she and Ed should never have been together from the beginning. Min (short for Minerva), is the ultimate old film geek and could care less about things such as school sports and dances. Which then leads us to Ed who is co­captain of the schools basketball team and is all about school events and is the school hottie. They are from two separate planets. So how do they meet? Well Mins best friend Al is having a birthday party and the high school superstar (Ed) just so happens to stop by and run into Min. Throughout the novel Min relates everything that happens to her and Ed to many scenes from her old favorite movies. Mostly ones that feature Lottie Carson her favorite actress. Al does not approve of Ed and

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whenever Min asks for advice or anything he simply responds with “I have no opinion,”

p.78). Out of nowhere you get thrown into this world of romance and young love that leaves you rooting for Ed, but at the same time you want him to die. From the very beginning of the book you see the problems that they will have. When

asks Min on their first date he shows up late and Min is always on time for everything. The first date took place at her favorite movie theater and they watch an old film starring Lottie Carson and as the film ends you can tell Ed did not enjoy himself all that much, but then Min thinks she spots Lottie exiting the theater so they follow her and hide in a shop across the way from her house. The lady of the shop gets mad and tells them to either buy something of get out. So

buys min a camera and tells her to just “Take as many as [she] can,” (Handler page 63). Ed has no interest in anything that Min does, but expects her to go to all of his basketball practices and games. Which of course she does because she is madly in love with him. There is so much symbolism in this book, but one thing really jumps at you. The box.

terms of their relationship the box is them and everything on the inside is why they are together, but at the same time its all why they broke up. The first thing you have in the box is the camera Lucas 3

ed bought Min on their first date. And he wants her to take as many pictures as possible so they can basically document their relationship or first date. Then you read a little bit more into the book and you begin to hate Ed, but then there comes this time that you feel really bad for him. The story of the toy truck. This is the first time we really see Ed open up about something in his childhood and its really moving. Whenever he goes to the park he looks through the sand box and finds a toy truck and he holds onto it in hopes of being able to return it one day to the little kid that