Why We Need Gender-Neutral Bathrooms By Ivan Coyote

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The title of this TED talk is “Why we need gender-neutral bathrooms” by Ivan Coyote. Coyote is an author, filmmaker, and has created three storytelling albums (https://www.ivancoyote.com/). He is award-winning for his book titled Gender Failure. As well, he has written columns for Xtra!, which is Canada’s gay and lesbian news publication (http://therumpus.net/2012/08/the-rumpus-interview-with-ivan-coyote/). Ivan first lists off all of the necessary things for life, like water, food, shelter, and love, and finally, “a safe place to pee.” This is a great introduction to the serious, yet funny story style talk. He mentions single stall, gender neutral bathrooms in public places. Transgender issues have been getting a lot of attention in the …show more content…
Still, fame and money allow certain individuals to not worry about going to the bathroom in a safe environment. Public restrooms are where Ivan has been most likely been harassed or questioned. One key point he says is, “I shouldn’t have to use the men’s restroom, because I’m not a man. I’m a trans person.” Politicians want trans men and women to use the bathroom closest to the one assigned to them at birth. He wonders who will enforce these laws, without “panty checks,” or genital inspections. There is no ethical way to enforce laws like these. It creates transphobia. It makes the world more dangerous for trans people. He asks the public to quit calling them “public places,” if they aren’t for the whole public. He explains how there are only two gender boxes in society. Even children are custom to the “norm” of two genders and thus, two restrooms, which he gives an example of. It seems simple to just add a single stall, with a bench for