Essay about Why We Need A King

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Why we need a Government
Cody Christiansen

Dec 11th 2014
Dr. Leonard O’ Brian
PHI 101

Thomas Hobbes begins his paragraph with, “where every man is enemy to every man; men live without other security than their own strength and their invention shall furnish them withal.” The final sentence of this passage, “And the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short,” what Hobbes seems to be leading up to is that without a governmental power, the average life of man is simply horrible. It is a life in which people naturally and constantly seek to destroy one another. Unfortunately, I believe that Hobbes is correct here, even when most people do have a sense of what they morally perceive as of both good and bad nature. There is an old say that goes it takes only one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Even if, to the extent, 99% of the population was big hearted, philanthropic, and just, it only takes one baneful individual to upset everything. An abstract example of how one individual can poison the minds of other could be the negative attitude of one employee which can change the atmosphere of a positive work environment into an abrogated, unpleasant one; to keep the entire working staff happy and in good spirits, the management will give a severance to the alleged “bad apple.” Although that’s not always the case sometime removal of a negative influence doesn’t always have the best impact on the majority, which is fear; but there are alternatives to addressing…