How To Control Bullying Essay

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5 Ways to Control Bullying

Everyone has been bullied in their life at least once. Most people think the best way to control this bullying is to retaliate back, they are wrong. There are many different ways to control a bully and not many people know how to. Due to the fact that most people do not know how to control bullies they fall into depression, anxiety and they have no motivation to even attend school or anywhere that the bully is present. I am going to give you five helpful tips on how you personally can control bullying and eventually make it stop completely. The first step is to remember bullying must never be taken personally. If you don’t take their constant humiliation and hurtful words personally then it shouldn’t affect you in any way. Bullies act out because of their own personal issues. A bully needs someone to take their anger out on and unfortunately they choose the most vulnerable victims. When being bullied you need to understand that they are acting this way as a cry for help. A bullies action are usually a strong indicator for deep internal pain, depression or even low self-esteem. When being bullied, if you can realize that you are just a convenient target for the bully to feel temporarily powerful and in control you will be able to get over their hurtful words and not take anything that he\she might say personally. The first step into controlling bullying is to not take a bullies actions personally. Remember that a bullies actions represent them and not the victim of aggression. Communicating with teachers is a must if you really want to control a bully or bullying. In most cases once you tell a teacher or someone of high authority the bully will become scared and finally stop. You should never think that you are weak if you inform someone that you are being bullied. The bully is a sick individual who needs help and a teacher or someone of high authority will be able to help them. When you do not inform a teacher about a bully their sick behavior continues and it becomes normal. This is why you should always resort to telling a teacher or someone of high authority to immediately control the bully. Statistics show that once you communicate, the bully will not even exist because they will be scared of the legal punishments that their behavior could bring. Do not be scared to communicate because once you do, the bully will leave you alone. One of the key factors to control bullying is to never show the bully that you are intimidated. If you stand up for yourself and you tell the bully flat out that you don’t like the way he is treating you, the bullying will stop. If you are intimidated by the bully unfortunately, he\she will have full control. If a bully is continuing to bother you in the halls, make fun of you at work or even embarrass you on social networking websites, you must finally take a stand. Make it clear that you do not like how he treats you. You must make eye contact, have a stern voice and stay calm during this confrontation. Bullies thrive on intimidating and scaring their victims. If you can stay confident and strong during a confrontation with a bully they will not bother you again. If the situation escalates and the bully chooses to get physical then you must communicate with friends or teachers. If you have lots of support the bully will start to feel intimidated and realize that his\her plan isn’t working. Once the bully realizes that he\she will leave you alone. You must remember that bullies live off fear and intimidation. If you show them that you are not scared nor intimidated you will control the bully. Request your friends to help you stand up