Why We Should Have Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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Beep Beep Beep. It is 7 o’clock in the morning, you roll over hoping it would be earlier so you can sleep more. To your dismay, it is much later than you were supposed to wake up for school. You quickly rush and get ready and rushes out the door. You are grumpy crab all throughout the morning. You had a long evening studying and doing an abundant amount of homework. Your problem was only greater when you learned about the standardized test you have must take, not to mention you have not eaten breakfast this morning. Many kids that going to American public schools from fifth grade all the way through high school have been through many days like the one mention above. This is evident that the American public school system must change because it is hurting the children’s health and underestimates the children that attend school.
Many kids go to school for eight hours only to come back home and have to do their homework for every single class. This adds burden to the students it not just a little
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Standardized testing is a test that the students take for almost every class, that has only one correct way to show the correct answer. This only allows kids that can answer effectively in that one certain way to get a high score while others, who are different thinkers, are affected, in which they get lower scores. The kids who did well on the test are praised while the ones who did not are looked down upon. In that line of thought kids who did well on the pretest and did well the post-test, but only gained one or two points higher are still praised over kids who did bad the first time and went up thirty points but are not in that A or B range. This testing only embraces the ideas of ranking those who are considered smart and those who thought to be “dumb”. This is bad for the student's point of view, lowers their confident and underestimates the ones who thought