Why We Shouldn T Cell Phones Be Allowed In School

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I think cell phones in school is an atrocious idea! Cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school because kids could use them irresponsibly. For example, kids could use cell phones to cheat on a test. They could text their friends the answers, use the calculator, or take pictures of reviews and then look at them while they are taking the test. According to the article, Tough Cell, it says kids are often caught making calls in class. This could be distracting and disturbing to other kids in the class. When they are trying to work, they hear a student's ringtone. In conclusion, Cell phones in class is a bad idea because kids can use their cell phones irresponsibly. A second reason I think cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school is because kids can cyber bully. If the “Popular group” has their cell phones, they could take pictures of the students they bully doing awkward things. Then, the kids could send it to all of their friends and make the person feel bad. This could lead to other student's posting or spread rumors and tease that person. In conclusion, Cell Phones in school are a bad idea because they could lead to bullying. …show more content…
They think this a bad idea because they can be used to cheat on tests. While this is true, kids can also use their phone to help themselves on school work. They can use their phones for many apps to help students with their work. Others argue that it can be used to bully other children. This is not a lie, but teachers could take the students’ phone if this happens. Cell phones could be useful in school because they are a valuable teaching tool. They can be used for apps such as Calculator, Notes, Camera, and the Internet. They also can useful because if a student's Chromebook has no Internet connection, they can use their cell phones to do their work. In conclusion, Students cell phones can be useful in the classroom