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Why I Appreciate America’s Veterans

America was founded, mainly, on one principal: freedom. Of course, the founders’ idea of freedom had, and still has a lot of developing to do until we can call it true freedom. However, at the time, the founders’ idea of this new, free land was nothing short of revolutionary. And, typically, when something is unfamiliar and new, some - usually powerful - people aren’t going to like it. Since the first shots fired in 1775, our American ideal of freedom has been threatened.
Few people are brave enough to leave everything familiar and fight for an underdog’s cause - however, you’ll notice, those in history who have are the ones we remember. Think about Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony, or Abraham Lincoln. Now, think about our country’s veterans.
I appreciate America’s veterans because, in my mind, they’re the invisible leaders of revolution. They’re the ones who did the dirty work, took the chances, left behind promising lives to fight for unlikely causes. They’re also the ones who shaped and still shape the future of our country, one physical step at a time. Veterans are fighters - they take strength to a whole new level, because even after the war, they still fight. They fight things many Americans will hopefully never have to face: memories, scars, grief, and malaise. But, they gather the strength to go on, to get out of bed everyday, to be part of society.
Veterans are the people behind the curtain, who had shaped and