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December 6, 2014
Throughout the years, the Wicca has been surrounded by mystery and misconception. There are several Wiccan traditions and each of them has particular traits. Wicca has many basic beliefs and characteristics that help people understand what it really is. Wicca had its pagan religions in Europe and had a profound influence on early Christianity. Also, Wicca does have ties to other religions and shamanic traditions. Its development is closely tied in with similar religions such as Neopaganism, Goddess spirituality, Nature religion and new age. The Ultimate purpose of this religion is to show that the Wiccan believe in a single ultimate reality that pervades the universe and is expressed in the goddess and gods. Most Wicca traditions worship with two deities as equals. An attempt is usually made to reflect the balance in the coven, although men tend to be a minority in the Wiccan religion. One exception is Dianic Wicca which worships the goddess exclusively and only women are admitted to covens. Thought some practice alone or with only their families, many wiccans are organized into covens of three to thirteen members. Extensive training is often required before initiation and coven membership is considered an important commitment.

The Wiccan was forced underground to be practiced in small secret groups called covens. Scholars such as Margaret Murray and Gerald Gardner have shed some light on the origins of the craft and new religious freedoms have allowed covens in some areas to risk becoming more open. In Gerald Gardner’s article “From man to witch”, he states that in 1939 he was initiated into an ancient and secret tradition the witch cult. Gardner sought to prove that remnants of these ancient pagan rituals could still be found in the modern world. (Brodd 543). Gerald Gardner set out to revive contemporary interest in “the craft” by describing pagan beliefs in his book witchcraft today, which opened the door to future Wiccan principles and ritual acts.

The Wicca is much like the new age movement most wiccans do not accept the belief that there is good or evil. Wiccans tend to be strong supporters of environmental protections, equal rights, peace and freedom. Wiccan beliefs do not include Christian concepts as sin, divine judgment or bodily resurrection. The Wicca believe in a stable universe, laws of karma and reincarnation, and divinity inherent in every human being and all of nature. Laughter and pleasure are part of their spiritual tradition, and they enjoy singing, dancing, feasting and love. Wiccans are individualists, and have no central holy book, prophet, or church authority. Their inspiration is from insight from science and personal experience. Each of the Wiccan keeps a personal book or journal in which records magickal dreams, invocations, songs and poetry.

Throughout the ages, people have been looking for explanations for the unknown. Most of the Wiccan believes there is no one true faith. There is no one church, no pope, no bible, Wicca is a path of personal choice. Religious diversity is necessary in a world of diverse societies and individuals.

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