Wide Range Achievement Test 4

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Inmate Literacy Assessment Study The Wide Range Achievement Test 4 is a test that measures the basic academic skills. The test consists of four subtests: word reading, spelling, math computation, and sentence comprehensive. The subtest directions for administration are simple and the subtests are easy to understand. The only subtests that can be given in small groups of five examinees are the second parts of spelling and math computation; the Wide Range Achievement Test 4 also has the score conversion appendices. The number correct for each subtest is totaled to obtain a raw score. Some of the development made in the Wide Range Achievement Test 4 was that they added the sentence comprehensive because the author wanted for the test to include measure of comprehension, and sentences, but even then reading experts feel that the author of the Wide Range Achievement Test 4 have not gone far enough in measuring reading as an academic skill. The issue with Wide Range Achievement Test 4 has to do in determining what purpose it serves.
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Regarding the test results that raw scores obtained are converted to norm reference scores based on age or grade. Some of the developments for the Wide Range Achievement Test 4 include norms, grade-based norms, and the adding of sentence comprehension. This test has little validity because the author provides very limited information about the development of items. The test is simple to administer although the two parallel forms can add complexity. The author says that Wide Range Achievement Test 4 is less precise when assessing individuals from late adolescence through middle adult years especially on the Sentence Comprehension and word