Wider Professional Practice Essay

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Task 1 Wider Professional Practice We were selected to deliver a learning activity on the concept of Professionalism in the LLS.
Tasked to investigate the meaning of professionalism, using the perspective of organisations such as the Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK), the training and Development Agency (TDA), Institute of Learning (IfL) and also considering the broader context of business. In order to broaden the scope of research the group were allocated specific tasks. We gathered the definition of professionalism from a eight separate sources such as traditional dictionaries, the internet, business sources, including government bodies’ interpretations. This was beneficial as I learned the range of definitions and how
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Ginnis (2002:32) proposes, ‘if pupils are allowed to see the big picture, the purpose of the lesson, what it contains, how it fits with what’s gone before and where it is going, then more interest and motivation will be shown in lessons.’
As teachers we demonstrate a passion that stimulates learning by giving examples, ensuring clarity, providing individual as well as whole class practice in applying knowledge. These are some of the ways that I am able to support students in lessons to think for themselves and gain a better understanding of the subject, thereby applying knowledge in light of other situations.

Appendix 1 – Peer feedback
Feedback #1
• Group facilitator should have hovered instead of walking & talking within group instead of letting us just get on with it. 10 handouts disturbed flow but also good resources & research!! Professionalism – looked & delivered well
Feedback #2
• The overall presentation was very good. Evidence of research was evident, you seemed to have confidence in what you were doing and your findings will help me in my own professionalism. Learning took place but there were too many distractions handing out handouts.
Feedback #3
• Group member should not be speaking whilst one member is delivering. Handouts could have been sent via email really
Feedback #4
• Please do not talk to other group members whilst one of your group is giving the presentation
Feedback #5
• If we had more time on the activity, would’ve