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Being a loyal husband or wife is a valued trait in almost every society. Within the reading it is shown that monsieur Loisel is a very loyal husband. This is shown by his actions of putting himself in debt to replace the necklace for his wife, his act of gaining an invitation just to allow his wife out since she never goes out, and by his overall interest in making his wife feel better.
Debt is a horrible thing to live with, and yet Monsieur Loisel willingly goes to loan money of large amounts to save his wife turmoil. “He compromised all the rest of his life, risked signing a note without even knowing whether he could meet it; and, frightened by the trouble yet to come, by the black misery that was about to fall upon him, by the prospect of all the physical privations and moral tortures that he was to suffer” (The Necklace.) This statement shows that he was willing to risk his future to save his wife from trouble.
Gaining the invitation for his wife was only the beginning of what he did to allow her to go out. He also gave her 400 francs to allow her to buy a gown to go to the party in. His wife initial reaction of "What do you wish me to do with that?" (The Necklace) shows that she wasn’t very thrilled with the idea at first. But then her husband did all that he could to try and make it more appealing to her. Finally, his overall want to make his wife happy coupled with wanting to keep her safe shows how much he values her and how loyal he is to her. He goes