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Instructor Policies
UNIV/100 Version 12 University of Phoenix Orientation Workshop
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Where to Go to Class
Main forum. This is the Main forum for the Orientation Workshop where we conduct our class interaction, including your discussion question responses, dialogue, and general comments. When responding to discussion questions and assignments, use the conversation threads established by the facilitator. To comment on someone else’s posted response, click Reply to respond. Chat Room. In this forum, you can read messages and respond to them, or post new threads. This is where you post your bio and interact with classmates. You may discuss content that is not related to the class in this forum. Posting to this forum does not count toward participation. Course Materials. This is a read-only forum, which means you can read messages here but cannot post any. In your future University of Phoenix courses, your instructor will post the course syllabus, instructor policies, and supplementary materials to this forum. Individual forum. You will see one forum with your name on it. This is a private forum, shared only by you and me, the facilitator. Your classmates do not have access to this forum. This is where I will post your feedback. You can also ask questions here. However, if you have general questions about instructions of assignments, post those in the Main forum, so other students may benefit by that exchange.

Where to Submit Assignments
Assignments eCampus web page. This is where you submit all formal assignments via the links that correspond to the assignment titles. To find the assignment title links, follow the instructions in the How To Post Assignments section of the Read Me First, which is located on the Orientation Workshop student website in the Week 1 Materials. When you have located the assignment title link for your assignment, upload and submit your assignment as an attachment.

Expectations for Discussion Questions
Discussion question responses must be a minimum of 100 to 150 words. For discussion question responses in the Main forum, post your responses to the threads provided. To respond, click the original discussion question thread to highlight it, click Reply, change the subject line to reflect your response, type your response, and then post the message. Do not start a new post for the weekly discussion questions in the Main forum—use the reply button to respond to discussion questions and comments. Unlike your formal written assignments, I do not require that your discussion question responses adhere to specific formatting requirements. However, make sure to proofread carefully. If you use outside resources to answer your discussion questions, you must cite your sources. I expect your discussion question responses to reflect critical thought. Whenever possible, relate the Orientation Workshop content to real-world situations from your personal or work experience. When answering and responding

to discussion questions, consider the following: • • • Are there other aspects of this topic that have not been addressed? If so, what are they? How can I address those aspects? Do I have other examples and experiences to share on this topic? Has this question been answered as thoroughly as possible?

Orientation Workshop Attendance
To successfully complete this Orientation Workshop, you must meet the attendance policy. To be in attendance during a class week, you must post at least one message to any of the Orientation Workshop forums on two separate days during the online week. Deadlines for attendance are based on Mountain Standard Time (MST). Attendance is tracked automatically in all workshops.

Orientation Workshop Participation
Be prepared to participate in class discussion. Because class discussion is an important part of your future University of Phoenix classes, you are encouraged to contribute two substantive