Importance Of Social Learning Theory

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Proposed topic and co-writing methodology
Group wiki 15

The proposed topic we wish to write our wiki on is Social Learning Theory.
We have discussed our reasons for wanting to cover this topic (particularly the effect of the media on young people and modelling) as well as our basic understanding of what social learning theory is and looked at some of the theorists involved in the birth and development of this theory i.e. Sears, Bandura, Miller, Dollard, Hull.
We agreed that we would all begin by expanding on our knowledge of social learning theory through independent research which we would then discuss at our next meeting.
Sekai suggested that we should work on trying to find some more current research on the topic as the majority of our information so far is based on the emergence of social learning theory. Abi passed this information on to Charlotte who was unable to attend the previous meeting.
We discussed briefly our strengths and all agreed that there was no aspect of writing the wiki that we would rather not do, Abi, Beth and Robin all expressed that they feel they are competent writers.
Abi advised that there is a lot of information online regarding what a wiki is and the main components of what it should include, she intends to research this and feed back to the group at the next meeting where we will begin to establish more specific roles within the project.
We will also be gathering online documents, journal articles, papers and websites throughout our