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WikiIt PC ­ Troubleshooting Tips
Below is a listing of commonly asked computer questions and answers and basic troubleshooting steps for operating systems, software programs, and computer hardware. Keep in mind that this is just a select few of our thousands of questions and answers in our database.
1 Common Windows Errors
1.1 ­ CH000123 ­ Problems in Windows after installing new software
1.2 ­ CH000138 ­ Fix illegal operations
1.3 ­ CH000179 ­ My Computer is running slow. What steps can I do to fix it?
1.4 ­ CH000186 ­ How to erase my hard drive and start over
1.5 ­ CH000222 ­ How to fix an invalid page fault
1.6 ­ CH000223 ­ How to fix a fatal exception error
1.7 ­ CH000224 ­ How to fix a general protection fault
2 Software
2.1 Operating System
2.2 Applications
4 Hardware
3.1 Display
3.1.1 Single Display
3.1.2 Multi Display
3.2 Keyboard
3.3 Mouse
3.4 Central Processing Unit (CPU or Core System)
3.5 Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
3.5.1 Parallel ATA (PATA)
3.5.2 Serial ATA (SATA)
3.5.3 Solid State
3.5.4 Small Computer System Interface Drive (SCSI)
3.6 Network Card
3.7 Power Supply
4 Viruses
5 Malware
6 Utilities/Tools/Removal Applications
7 External Links

Common Windows Errors
1.1 ­ CH000123 ­ I have problems in Windows after installing new software
Reinstall or uninstall the program
If you are encountering problems with your computer or other programs after installing new software on your computer, uninstall the program and see if the issues persist.
Note: If after installing a program you are unable to boot into Windows, try booting into Safe
After the program has been uninstalled try installing the program again. file:///C:/Users/David/Google%20Drive/ITT%20Tech/Capstone%20Project/pcwiki.html 1/5


WikiIt PC

Check for software program updates or new versions
If you continue to experience issues verify that the program, game, or utility you are installing doesn't have any updates by visiting the developr of the program website.
If you're installing a software program or drivers for a hardware device such as a printer, get the latest software and drivers from the manufacturer instead of using the included software. A listing of links to drivers can be found on our drivers page.

1.2 ­ CH000138 ­ How do I fix illegal operations?
Reinstall or uninstall the program
When the operating system or computer processor receives an instruction from a program that it does not recognize and cannot process, it may issue a command known as an Illegal
Operation. Basically, it's stating the computer program is making an illegal request.

TSR's or third­party programs
TSR's or third­party programs running in the background are one of the more commonly found reasons for Illegal Operations. If you are receiving an Illegal Operation when running a game or program it is recommend that you temporarily remove or disable programs running and TSR's running in the background, ensuring that these programs are not causing your issues.
How to remove TSRs and startup programs.

If, after removing these programs, you run the program or game and no longer receive the Illegal
Operations, it is recommend that you reboot the computer and disable or End Task each program or TSR one at a time to attempt to determine what program is causing the Illegal Operation.

Error in program coding
Verify that the program causing the Illegal Operations is compatible with your version of Windows and check with the developer to make sure no patches or updates are available. There is no such thing as a perfect software program and it is not uncommon for multiple patches and updates to be released during a programs life cycle.
How to update a Microsoft Windows computer.

Data not being read properly from source
When running a program or game from a CD you receive an Illegal Operation, verify that the CD is clean. Additional information on how to