Wikipedia and Research Essay

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Writing a paper can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially when the paper requires research. Several college students are not aware of how proper research is done. Students struggle and cringe on the sound of “research paper”. The nature of research has dramatically changed too. Not only our student unaware of how proper research is done, but throughout years the notion of accurate research has been evolving. Before students were to find the nearest library, look for books based on their topic of research. If they were able to check out the book they could take it home, however if the book wasn’t available to be checked out then the student would have to conduct their research there. There was no internet, smartphones, and laptops. It was all done by hand. However the advancement in technology has allowed students to have research in the palms of their hands instantly! Access to anything for a college research paper can be done relatively anywhere. Several sources online are factual based and have been approved by editors or fact-checkers, however the most commonly and popular research based data is not considered factual. Wikipedia, which used by numerous college students is not considered a factual research source. College students use Wikipedia for several reasons, such as studying for a midterm, final, or a term paper. It’s used constantly to recheck facts or a form of guidance. Even though numerous students rely on Wikipedia, it is not a legitimate source for research. Wikipedia is managed and written by the public for the public. Even though pages can be taken down, if requested, they are not frequently checked for accuracy. Wikipedia is not a reliable source because of it lack of regulation, public domain, and its broad range of users. Wikipedia is a quick and easy get out of jail card; however it has its consequences. The escape is only temporary. The site is addictive since it’s a fast source page, rather than scrolling down the page looking for a more accurate source. It is very difficult, in particular for college student, to avoid Wikipedia as a source in their term paper or study materials. It’s extremely hard “not to love Wikipedia” it’s the “free online encyclopedia (Daily, 344)..Wikipedia has more than “1,674,086 articles in English” alone. Anyone with internet access has “the ability to get fast, free information on anything” (Daily, 344). The issue that occurs with a site like Wikipedia is that “anyone can contribute” to this free online encyclopedia (Daily, 344). There are no rules or regulations occurring with a website such as this. Regulations are occurring but no form accurate checking is being conducted. It’s “user generated” and “the articles are not always perfect” (Daily, 344). Colleges and Universities didn’t band Wikipedia but most professors and teachers advise the students that Wikipedia is not an “acceptable form of source” (Daily, 344). Wikipedia has no form of actual source regulation, to make sure that the writes resource for a topic is accurate. A site being started in 2001 and now expanding in such “critical masses in a couple of years” is astonishing but the regulations on topics posted can’t be trusted (Waters, 341). This “open-source” websites rapid growth is phenomenal but with such online growth regulation and accuracy is hard to implement. With 1,674,086 Wikipedia is not able to check every article or source written and the fact that sources, and events are constantly changing, it is virtually impossible for anyone to keep up. It’s an open source, anyone could contribute their thoughts. Having a company check all the sources written in one research is actually impossible. Most mistakes such as the “entry for John Seigenthaler, Sr. in 2004 contained spurious accusations that he was suspect in the assassination of both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy” are “unaltered for four years” (Waters, 342). The author or editor had a registered account but there was no actual