Wild West Gunslingers Essay

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Trippy Mane
September 19, 2013

Wild West Gunslingers Howdy cowboys, I am writing you all today to show my appreciation for being named Wild West Gunslingers person of the year reward , it was a obvious choice that I Jobe Dillard was the top candidate in the running this year. I really think I am going to go down in the books as one of the best legendary gunslingers of all time. My abilities are through the roof when it comes to slinging guns. I didn’t become good at what I do by sitting on my butt or out partying or doing other irrelevant things. It took time, practice, dedication, and hard work without these things I would not be as good as I am or able to do the things I do. It took me a while to understand that as I was young then I got older realized what it takes and I told myself from that they forward I need to get better do better and be better. That’s my motto and I still live by it every single day. It was about time you guys recognized the legend in the making gunslinger.
Receiving the Wild West Gunslinger person of the year award boosted my enthusiasm, confidence and allows me to aspire to even greater heights. I am very thankful for this reward and gladly happy I was noticed and you guys took the time out to present it. This award only comes around once a year so its only one shot at it until the upcoming year. There are plenty of elite gunslingers that could have been chosen for this exact award and it was me no doubt, that is a honor,