Wilderness and Shelby Zeller English 100 - 11 Essay

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Shelby Zeller
Dr. Mosco-Burkholder Zeller
25 March 2014 Declaration of Topic Christopher McCandless seemed to be very young to make the decisions he was making, such as to go live in the wildness; however, he seemed very dedicated to following his dream. He was very hardheaded about his decision, and refused to let anyone stand in his way. For example, he Jim Gallien who tried to persuade him by offering a ride to get better equipment. As McCandless believes the woods would give him a sense of self-identity, a place of freedom, and a place to find his soul, he soon has to learn how to handle the difference between reality and appearance. For example, McCandless has this false sense of reality due to his beliefs of Jack London’s “adventure.” An adventure that was only a winter get-away. He was not a survivalist (Jack London). When in reality, Jack London was not the receiver from a cruel lesson from the wilderness; he died of “uremia poisoning,” which has to do with kidney failure (New York Times). Another example that leaving the wilderness is not the greatest of all ideas is the suicide of Carl Mcunn, who left to go live in the Alaska wilderness, and ended up committing suicide due to the lack of supplies (Carl Mcmunn). Even though, McCandless has the desire and motive that made him a hero, he sure was a tragic one because he could not interpret the harm that would come with his decisions. Even in the beginning of time, the wilderness was a