Wilderness Survival Speech Essay

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Informative Speech Outline: Wilderness Survival
A. If you were stranded in the wilderness of Alaska, would you be a survivor or a unprepared victim?
B. This topic is important to myself and you, because improving knowledge on surviving simple encounters such as a car breaking down in the largest state in the U.S with over half a million miles of wilderness is extremely vital.
C. I'm going to briefly talk about preparing yourself, procedures and steps from experienced writers, and signaling for help in a wilderness survival situation.
D. Preparedness means having a plan, materials, and a conquering state of mind. The next step is actions you take, and prioritizing steps of survival. The essential rule of prioritizing
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The Bethel Search and Rescue has an article for tips on finding shelter. For shelter, if you can find a snow bank, dig out a hole into one side away from the wind, and hollow out a sleeping area. If that isn't possible build one using branches, boughs or grass, gather enough to make bedding preferably between two trees. Use the available wood, rock, or grasses to put space between you and the snow floor. Find one that has a hollowed out trunk area covered with boughs or branches, and work to make your shelter as tight as possible. After finding a shelter, you need to build a fire; the best way is to dig until the hole is surrounded by dirt or nonflammable material. Insert a layer of nonflammable material like rocks if possible, then tightly and securely place any wood that is not wet in the hole along with something such as loose bark and moss. If you have matches, use them, if not then the hard way is finding flat, straight board-like wood and a sharpened-on-all-sides, sturdy, straight ,small stick, create a depression in the flat board wood, inserting a straight stick above the hole covered with moss or tiny bark, and spinning that stick in a circular direction on the flat stick. This will create friction eventually creating a tiny fire.
b. Sheltering your body- Dry your feet whenever they are wet, and dry out the inside of your shoes. Loosen your shoelaces. Wet, tight shoes and loose socks restrict circulation cause, and moving your toes and moving your