What Is The Purpose Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The purpose of the declaration of independence is to declare us free of great britain and become our own country. Great Britain had place taxes on us with our consent, They were sending our people over seas to be trailed for a crime they did not commit. They were cutting off our trade parts to world. They had plundered our seas, ravaged our coast, and burned our towns and destroyed the lives of innocent women and children. The declaration of independence was ment to separate us or be free from Great Britain. To set free the thirteen states of the united states of america.
The use of ethos of the declaration of independence is that jefferson received credibility from the fifty-six representatives he most defiantly established a place of while writing out the declaration of independence. He writes with a force of authority telling Great Britain that we are being removed from their government.
And that we are making the constitution and making our own government and becoming our own country with our own laws and our own. When jefferson writes he talks about the king of Great britain and the terrible things he does to the thirteen states and talks on how we should remove ourself from being underneath them.
The use of pathos or emotion in the declaration of independence is used in there. Jefferson states "He has plundered our seas,ravaged our coast,burnt our towns ,and destroyed the lives of our people." he is using emotion to make the

audience feel bad for them make Great Britain become upset with themselves for doing what they did. Jefferson used pathos very well in the declaration he used the correct wording for the right parts. The use of emotion is often used to persuade people to buy things or to make them feel sorry for themselves