Afghanistan Have Peace

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Destanie Massey
Ms. Paul
English 3 AP 1st Mod
20 December 2013
Will Afghanistan Ever Have Peace
Afghanistan has been in war for many years now; it is hard to remember a time when there was not a war in Afghanistan. There is finally hope for Afghanistan, in fact in a CNN news story stated that “Hope flickered in war-torn Afghanistan on Tuesday as national security forces formally took over security leadership and peace talks with the Taliban are now in the works (Almond, 1).” This statement explains that Afghanistan has taken over the Taliban and that they are now able to have peace talks with the Taliban. It was even stated that the afghan army had reduced their violence level and is more self-sufficient. The only problem is that the Taliban pose as a high risk security threat, due to them being so determined and resilient. According to CNN the Taliban is still committing suicide attacks by the Supreme Court house and by the air port. Siding with Afghanistan is a high risk operation not only for the people of Kabul, but also for the American people. When you weight the all the harm that it creates with the justice it could make, is it really worth it?
Due to many failed attempts, Afghanistan officials have went through a lot of trouble to ensure that they are finally ready to engage in peace talks with Afghanistan. With the news of Afghanistan resuming peace talks with the United States in Qatar, one United States official had this to say, “These statements represent an important first step toward reconciliation, a process that after 30 years of armed conflict in Afghanistan will certainly promise to be complex, long and messy (Mackenzie, 1).” This statement reinforces how important it is that there is peace made with Afghanistan. Even though this may be a long and messy Process, it will be worth it at the end. Without peace Afghanistan will turn into a desolate wasteland of hatred and war. Afghanistan has, well had so much beauty to offer before all the fighting and wars. The landscape is not the only thing to worry about, many innocent people are killed daily for no reason, and afghan people