Will: Chance and Best Approach Essay

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Author’s Argument: Solomon suggests that gratitude isn’t the best approach to just tragedies that happen throughout life. Solomon states that we should not see ourselves as passive recipients but as active participants full of responsibilities. He believes that it is unfortunate that people take their blessings for granted and notice only the negative part of life. According to him, the proper way to deal with a tragedy in life is by giving thanks, not for the bad things that happen but for being alive and for life itself. We don’t have to be grateful to a God specifically but we should be grateful. Gratitude helps us recognize that we are not the authors of our own destiny because sometimes things really do just happen by chance or out of luck. However, if our mind set is based on only fate and luck and we think about the chances we have of being any other human being, odds are that we might’ve been in deep poverty, malnourished and maybe even killed in a war. This is something

My Argument
There are three ways to approach life, there’s fate in which you think everything just happens so you shouldn’t be thankful for anything. The state of mind in which events happen in our lives just because it was supposed to happen that way and that’s the end of it. Then we have luck, which can be summarized as a purposeless, unpredictable force that shapes events favorably or unfavorably for an individual, we appreciate when we have good luck and when we have bad