Will Offering An Incentive Program To Employee Benefit Companies

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Will offering a incentive program to employee benefit companies.
I would like your approval for me as one you’re your employees to research on how PNC Bank I would like to do a research on how companies can benefit from offering a incentive program. I will find and read article and books that are related to this reasearch.i will also interview other companies that already have incentive programs and to get the advantage and disadvantage of how the incentive program works for them and how it can work for us.
Incentive program are designed to improve productivity .its rewards the employees that works efficiently and accurately to achieve company goals. The incentive program give the employee that goes over and above the oppornity to receive extra cash .This program will motivate employees and build up morale’s.
An Incentive Program is a good program that will increase overall business potential and show employees that you value their hard work. Here is some example of how incentive program can improve companies
Motivation this program will motivate employees to do their best and by doing a great job they will be offered an incentive based on their performance. An employee that achieves recognition for doing a great job it motivates them to want to achieve milestones. It also improves self motivations and a happy employee makes a great effective employee.

Morale the when the incentive program is used you will see decrease in companies morale and productively. By offering rewards for a good job can help employees feel appreciated