Essay on William Carlos Williams and His Imagist Poetry

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William Carlos Williams and His Imagist Poetry

Modernism and Imagism, two movements in literature ,which were developed in the
20th century .At the beginning of the decade ,modernism was a revolution of style .Crime, depression, and materialism filled this era. Musician, artists,and writers broke away from technique to create a new art.Also, imagism brought fragmental and chaotic life where nobody felt secure and happy.After that,modernism was related with decent and realistic art form.The modernist artists like Edwin Dickinson and a painter Arthur Dove looked for an object of inspiration ,individual vision and the value of immediate
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Through these friendships William developed modern poetry and painting. Through Pound, Williams met a circle of young artists who helped him discover the freedom in writing and art to find his style of writing which he had never found before. The circle of friends, including a poet Hilda Doolittle and an artist Charles Demuth, began to create the Imagist movement in poetry. They wanted to free objects from their symbolic character and from the limits of Romanticism in their poems. According to David
Perkins poetry got stuck by ‘’the inversions and redundancies imposed by the effort to fill out a standard form’’(2), so the imagists intermitted a verse to ‘’swift, uncluttered, functional phrasing’’(2). During this lifetime, Williams began to develop opinions that their friends used too many unnecessary allusions. Instead of this, he was known for not using typical meter of poetry ,which still keeping his poems simple and to the point. After graduating college, William began working as a doctor to give him inspiration to write imaginative poems. Through his work as a doctor ,he saw all different kind of humanity, and he applied