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William Clemons20
Phase 5 Crime in the Community

Crimes are one of our biggest problems in the community. There is a lot of crime because of lack of jobs. Crime is a big issue everywhere you go but it’s bigger in smaller communities. I also feel that lack of discipline is also a reason. Drugs also play a part in crime in the community.
Jobs play an important role in the crime rate. If more jobs were available, our community would be a lot safer. If more places held job fairs, it would decrease in crime and better our community. If there were higher paying jobs, the crime rate wouldn’t be so high.
Lack of discipline plays a key role in why crime affects our community. Most people succumb to peer pressure because others feel it’s alright. Lots of people commit crimes to fit in with others. Some people just think its cool and want to be given a reputation. Some people just don’t care.
Drugs play a major part in crimes in the community. It fuels a person to commit crimes in order to get them. It affects our community and economy in many different ways. It clouds their brains and gives them a false sense of security to make poor judgment to make bad decisions. If drugs were eliminated, our community would be a better, safer place to live. Herman Goldstein says that if “community policing” become a catchall term (like “empowerment” of codependency”) it will be regarded as a panacea for a catchall litany of urban problems. The crime rate in small communities is high and need policing. Police are scared to go into some of the neighborhoods that are bad. Crime is everywhere and need to be stop. A great solution would be for police to stop arresting and take time to check the community out from crime.
Jobs are important in our community. I feel if we had more business owners and investors that it would rid our community of crime. With increased job…