William Golding and Simon Essay

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About simon
Simon is presented as a Christ like figure because of his good qualities. He's caring and compassionate, "we used his specs," said
Simon, this is jack is blaming piggy fore not helping with the fire, and Simon is quick to defend him. I think Simon is always quick to defend piggy in situations like this because after Simon, piggy is also neglected within the group, so Simon can sense how terrible piggy feels. This is one of Simon's good qualities, when jack mistreats piggy, Simon does not use this to his advantage to gain popularity, instead he helps piggy by defending him. This shows that in order of importance, piggy comes first, rather than his own status.

Simon is considered to be an outsider throughout this story. He is called words like "batty" many times. I think we should ask ourselves, why Golding has made the only boy on the island that is not governed or run by fear, the only boy that cares a lot about the littluns and is generally a moral person to be an outsider. His reason for making
Simon an outsider is extremely symbolic. He has shown us that even though he is highly spiritual and moral, he is still encountered as an outcast. Golding must be telling us something about the real world and how it's governed. He teaches or reminds us that the really good people in the world do not have any real power and are always known as the odd people.

Simon is a shy boy who cannot find it bearable to speak in front of the assembly; he likes to be by himself and sometimes does and says strange things. Simon is an outsider who often experienced fainting spells. "Then one of the boys flopped on his face in the sand and the line broke up." William Golding shows his weakness straight from the beginning as this happens when they first meet on the platform, the choir has been asked to stand in a line in the sun by jack, the leader of the choir, and Simon collapses.

William Golding has given the character of Simon only