William Howard Taft Essay

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26 February 2014

William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft was the twenty seventh president of the United States of America (Miller Center C1). He was born September 15th, 1857 in Cinncinati Ohio (American History D1). His father was named Alphonso Taft and his mother was Louisa Taft (D2). Growing up, Taft had a successful school life, attending a private school like his father had (Bio.com E4). Growing up, his father had a large impact on the decisions in young Taft’s life, so he struggled with wanting an identity different than his father (World Biography B1). Taft attended Woodward High school in Cincinnati Ohio (American History D3). After leaving law school, Taft attempted to enlist in the military. He was later denied because of his nearsightedness (World Biography B2). He attended Yale University (Bio.com E1). In 1878, Taft graduated as salutatorian of his class, just as he had done in high school. Two years later, the young Taft attended the Cincinnati Law School. (Miller Center C3-C4). Upon graduating, Taft received a law degree that would be the start to his judicial career. In 1881, he got his first job in the public office as assistant Hamilton county prosecutor. At one point during his time as prosecutor, there was a fire in the county law library, so Taft rebuilt the collection of books that had been destroyed in the fire (American History D7). When he turned 30, he became the judge on the Superior Court in Cincinnati for three years before becoming the youngest appointed Solicitor General of the United States in 1890. Taft had a lifelong ambition to serve as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, which he worked towards during most of his life (Bio.com E3-4). While serving as the judge on the Superior Court, he worked for a tax reform for the benefit of others. Also during his time in office, he opposed the Ku Klux Klan when it was a significant force in Ohio politics (World Biography B5). At the same time, Taft also served as the first dean of the University Of Cincinnati College Of Law (American History D5). Taft would have gone on serving in the judiciary field for the rest of his life, had it not been for his wife, Helen Herron (D8). While in Washington, Taft met Theodore Roosevelt, a man who would have a huge impact on Taft’s future. Soon after, William McKinley appointed Taft governor general of the Philippines, which he gladly accepted (Bio.com E8-9). While serving as governor general of the Philippines, he turned down an offer to join the Supreme Court (his lifelong ambition) so he could finish the reforms he was doing while serving there (Miller Center C9). During his time in the Philippines, Taft constructed a functioning civil regime in the island, making a huge impact there (C12). During much of Taft’s life, he struggled with living a different life than his father had lived. So, when Taft was offered the position as Secretary of War, he hesitated. Alphonso Taft, President Taft’s father, had served as the secretary of war in his time (American History D10). In 1904, Taft became the next secretary of war, leaving his position as governor of the Philippines (D9). While serving as the secretary of war, Taft became close with Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt often confided in Taft, making him his chief emissary and confidant (Miller Center C13). Roosevelt and Taft had a strong friendship that led to Roosevelt choosing Taft to succeed him as president for the following election. Taft made a pledge not to run for a second term. The public joked that “Taft” stood for “Take advice from Theodore”. In 1908, Taft beat Williams Jennings Bryan, becoming the twenty seventh president of the United States (C16-18). While Taft was in office, he attempted to make many changes to the United States for the better. He was the first president to make seventy five thousand dollars a year (PBS A1). During the beginning of his presidency, William Howard