Essay about William Shakespeare and Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare Glossary
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|acknown aware. (Othello) | |
|adventure my discretion risk my reputation. (The Tempest) | |
|aery nest. (Hamlet) | |
|affectioned affected, one who puts on airs. (Twelfth Night) | |
|affections swayed passions ruled. (Julius Caesar) | |
|against the hair or, as we say, "against the grain," a metaphor from brushing the hair of an animal the opposite way to which it lies. (Romeo and Juliet) | |
|agnize acknowledge. (Othello) | |
|aimed so near guessed as much. (Romeo and Juliet) | |
|alarum'd summoned to action. (Macbeth) | |
|alike bewitched each of them equally enchanted. (Romeo and Juliet) | |
|all exercise i.e., all their habitual activity. (The Tempest) | |
|ambition for the Elizabethans the word had the special meaning of unscrupulous pursuit of power. (Julius Caesar) | |
|amerce punish. (Romeo and Juliet) | |
|Anon, anon In a moment! (Macbeth) | |
|anters caves. (Othello) | |
|a patient list the limits of patience. (Othello)