William Shakespeare Research Paper

Words: 1780
Pages: 8

The tragedies of Shakespeare are some of the most sought out stories in all literature. These tales by Shakespeare, have influenced many different forms of story telling, from all forms of story telling, of what ever they may be. Shakespeare’s tragic works, were written in his later years. These tales are very well developed and many Scholars have added their thoughts and made readers look into ideas that are deeper in the lines printed in the texts. The purpose of this essay is too find and analyze the concept of ‘Shakespearean Tragedy.’ There are concepts that reappear in his tragic works that make them stand out. The tragic works were written in a period of his life all at once. What was Shakespeare going, through in his life when he written these plays? The first question to ask yourself, when you are trying to identity what is the substance of Tragedy? Aristotle noted that, tales are only tragic if they happen to classes who are held high esteem; even though a life of poverty might seem by definition tragic. The elements, in the …show more content…
The main characters of these plays were all strong; but they had a defeat, that took hold of them slowly and dragged them into the ground. Bradley, noted that these plays all had a slow build up from the first act and into the second. ‘ Shakespeare knew that the immense majority of his audience were incapable of distinguishing between rough and finished work. He often felt the degradation of having to live by pleasing them. Probably in hours of depression he was quite indifferent to fame, and perhaps in another mood the whole business of writing seemed to him a little thing.’ ( Bradley,1991.) Perhaps Shakespeare the artist, was influenced by his own depression , with these works. Shakespeare was over-worked, at this time. He had written many of plays and managed his theater. This was a lot of work for one man to do at one