William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: A Review Essay

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7 January, 2015
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet
, by William Shakespeare, a love never meant to be blossoms and dies in a few, short days. Although we would never know this ending until the very end, there are parts in this story, and with an analytical mind, can see what will inevitably happen.
Romeo and
shows both how love at first sight can be perceived and how the mind can be deceived of between right and wrong.
In Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 2 and 3, Romeo proclaims of how Juliet is the sun, which is needed for everything. He asks for Juliet to kill the envious and grief­filled moon, which his heart. To Romeo, his heart is sad of Rosaline’s acceptance into nunhood and wishes for Juliet’s love as replacement. In addition, it should be noted about how fast this sun will fade, and with it, another moon will arise full of grief as well. However, shown in Act 2, Scene 6, Lines 9 and 10,
Friar Lawrence speaks about how, violent delights have violent ends. This speaks about how when in love at first sight, one takes liberties that are usually not taken during courting. Such examples are, trespassing into another's property, or marrying only one day after you meet. The consequences for these actions such as the life of Mercutio, his friend. Despite love at first sight, it is quite easy to obscure reasoning.
In Act 2 Scene 2 Line 11 and 12, it speaks about how she is talking through her eyes and
Romeo wishing