William Wordsworth And Jane Austen Analysis

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The Aspect of Death Between William Wordsworth and Jane Austen

While I was reading William’s life history, I saw that his life started rough, his own mother died when he was at the age of eight after that becoming an orphan at the age of thirteen, these two events affects a person's life dearly and scars them throughout their lives, but it made him become a lover to literature, nature and writing poems. William had a special relationships with his sister Dorothy, which made people believe that he was having an incestous relationship with her at some point, he was also very fond of her to the point where she inspired him. At some point, William got married and had a daughter, but that did not last long as the two got separated due to the England and France war, additionally to the lack of money, which lead him to move back to England to live with his sister Dorothy once again when he got some inheritance money.
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William gives us a brilliant imagery of the girl and her surroundings, which I really love how he pulls the strings to mesmerize his readers such as me. Throughout the poem the speaker keeps telling the young girl, that her siblings are dead, but she does not takes it for granted, in a matter of fact, her concept of death and life is far more happy and hopeful, where she still thinks her siblings are there with her even after they are long gone she still sings to them, read to them and even eat near them as if they are with her, an example of that which is shown here from the