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How to give yourself the perfect haircut.

The Perfect Haircut
Joe Williams Jr.
Colorado Technical University/Online
This essay will point out how line, shape, and trim your hair to show step by step process to make you look like a star for your personal grooming technique.
The Perfect Haircut
The first step that you have to be concern with is purchasing a set of good clippers which is very important in cutting the perfect cut. I would recommend Oster Classic Clippers with two blades but the come with five or six different guards but Oster Classic Clippers usually run amid $100.00 and $150.00 dollars but it also a good idea to purchase some professional trimmers to clean up around your neck, ears, forehead, and clean your sideburns. Secondly, Always oil your blade before using them but you have to see do you have to move your blades before oiling after you apply the oil remove all excess oil with a soft dry cloth. Thirdly, cut top of the hair remember to put the guard you like on your clippers to cut down the hair as you like it. Fourth, you have to know where you want your fade line to be, and then return to the original line before reaching the other ear and where you position the fade is up to you and your personal taste. Fifth, Choose the guard size for your fade line remember a lower guard size means a shorter guard, for a high and tight military fade cut your fade line with the guard probably need to be a one. Sixth, Move your clippers sideways across the fade line but position the clippers so you will move them from your sideburns toward the back of your head but try to use a natural fade angle. Seventh, move you clippers along the fade line to keep a steady