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Derek Moss
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Literary Analysis
William’s Inner Pillars Although William Hamleigh begins to fear Hell, he himself does not become any less of an evil character if not more. He not only continues to conspire against Kingsbridge and its inhabitants, but also feels a jealousy towards Jack and Aliena’s seemingly idyllic lifestyle, and eventually dies as a result of the life he lived.

William assaults Kingsbridge time after time again. In addition to raping Aliena, William starts a donnybrook with the quarry workers for the sake of the Kingsbridge market stealing business from the Shiring market. He later attempts to torch the town during the Kingsbridge Fleece Fair and inadvertently kills Tom Builder, taking away Jack’s stepfather. His final attack on Kingsbridge, although unsuccessful, was to usurp the Madonna campaign and kill Jack.

As William ages he begins to wish he had been more successful in his previous endeavors. On a trip to Kingsbridge as Sheriff, he spies Jack and his family. He feels a jealousy towards the family, believing that he should have been in their place instead. Jealousy is counted as an iniquity in the Christian religion of which he seems to ironically follow.

Although Thomas Becket was not very popular with the king, his murder and the conspirators were disavowed. Those involved in the conspiracy were sentenced to be death. Almost fittingly, William Hamleigh was amongst them, receiving his final judgment for the crime…