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Anjee Cain Kiara Williams Valerie Scott Brit-English 2A Was Shakespeare The Man We Believe?
Although it seem as though other people think that he is real. But they is proof and unanswered questions about him being real. We are supposed to write this essay about Shakespeare being real or not. We personally believe that he is a fraud until proven guiltily. The reason why we believe Shakespeare is a fake. Is because in "To Be or Not to Be Shakespeare" the author believe that there was no proof that he was real. And in our other sources they feel the same way. “To Be or Not to Be Shakespeare” by Doug Stewart. This author speaks about Shakespeare himself being a fraud matter fact the greatest one of all times. He came from a little town with barley no education. Matter fact there is no real hard evidence that Shakespeare was even that Will of Stratford-upon-Avon (1564-1616). No one really knew his real appearance like was he fat, skinny, short, tall? Only one person seem to notice him and said “He was, indeed, honest, and an open free nature.” So does that really cover a lot? No I don’t think so! Years later the Yale Center British Art in New Haven out of six painting of him they put all of them together to create one big portrait of him. He turn up in London without his family working as an actor. And although Shakespeare did live in London for some years, there has not yet been found a single record showing that anyone ever neither saw nor spoke to him during his time there. Also none of his friends, family, or neighbors ever thought of, or called him a poet, a playwright or any sort of a literary man. Also, strangely enough, none of his work is in his handwriting. No notes, memos, diaries not even a single letter. So like the article has me believing like was he really real or was he just a ghost or a fraud?
I believe shakespeare is a faux because of the release of his new movie called Anonymous. Its a story based on the theory that someone else wrote the plays and sonnents normally named after Williams Shakespeare .The new movie claims that person is Edward De Vere, 17TH Earl of Oxford. There are many people who believe that Earl De Vere is the true greatest writer of English literature. There is even evidence that Shakespeare can't be the true writer. Among the mere evidence that we do have about Shakespeare , for instance his signifiers, two portraits, a record of his marriage to Anne Hathaway, and a strange three page; there is little evidence that he went to school and not one piece of work written in his own hands. It's interesting that a person with a high status of being the greatest writer known but no evidence that it's his work.
There are even famous writers before and after his lifetime that agree with this argument. Such as, Sigmund Freud who used Hanlet . He also believe that Shakespeare isn't the true writer, He said “It is undeniably painful to all of us that even now we do not know who was the author of the Comedies, Tragedies and Sonnets of Shakespeare.” Also, “I can hardly think it was the Stratford boy,” wrote Charlie Chaplin of the plays. “Whoever wrote them had an aristocratic attitude.” It's hard to believe that an untraveled, poorly-schooled commoner have written so widely on topics about which he would have had no first-hand knowledge could write those plays.
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