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Herman Millville

After reading this story I start to wonder and ask myself “What kind of man the narrator was?” He starts off by saying “ I am a rather elderly man.” Charters, Ann. (p.561). The relationship the narrator had with his employees was questionable, especially Bartley. After reading that first sentence I felt that maybe the narrator is not so happy. Then again the narrator shows a nicer and concerning side. I think that maybe in order to try and answer my question I would need to explore the story a little more.

Lets talk about Turkey who is one of the narrator’s employees. Turkey is an elderly man who at times seemed to be very clumsy and annoying. Those things aside Turkey was a dedicated worker. The narrator referred to Turkey as a “promising lad as an office-boy”. (p.562). The narrator showed that he cared for turkey when he told him that he didn’t have to come to his chamber after twelve o’clock due to his noticeable struggling with his job. (p.563). He even gave Turkey a one his highly presentable coats. (P.564). On the other hand the narrator became a little annoyed with turkey eating and writing at the same time and stated that at that moment he wanted dismiss turkey for that reason. (p. 565) This has me still wondering what kind of man the narrator really was.

Nippers was the narrators other employee and also a copyist. The narrator felt that nippers were the kind of person that always complained about things in the office. An example of this is when nippers was complaining about the scriveners table and how it was either to high or to low. (P.564). The narrator also feels that nippers was a hard worker was hard on himself when it came to copying. He also says that nippers like turkey “was a very useful man him; wrote neat, and had a swift hand. (p.564).

Bartleby was a very quiet and hard working employee of the narrator. He was said that he “did an extraordinary amount of quantity and writing” (p.566), which all change very suddenly. Bartleby started out fine as far as his job was concerned, but after a little time passed by he stopped working. The narrator…