Willie Nelson's Influence On Country Music

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The world today has been shaped by those who resist authority in order to fight for what they believe in: rebels. Without the acts of rebellion that have occurred throughout history, the world we live in would make slow progress. Thankfully, those who understood what was worth fighting for, made the difference and made the change. However, not all rebels fought for worldwide change, celebrities do their own part in shaping pop culture by little acts of rebellion. Legendary singers and songwriters, like outlaw country singer Willie Nelson, shape their music genres by resisting the contemporary music produced by the masses. Willie Nelson’s rebellious past is often looked upon for admiration for his philosophy and unique sound, which resulted …show more content…
Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993, many singers hold tributes to his innovative career. “Already known for their incredible influence on the world of music, and especially country music, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson… deserve nothing less than the best tribute,” countryrebel.com wrote, commemorating Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban’s duet recognizing Willie Nelson’s role in shaping the country genre. To this day, Nelson is still releasing new music and inspiring fans along with fellow country singers. With the many tributes and awards, it is easy to see how he touched the lives of many and the influence he had on country music. Willie Nelson has always been viewed as a controversial character, often times adding to his liking in popular culture. He is often thought of as the marijuana smoking outlaw country singer who had problems with the IRS. His humorous quotes about his philosophies, such as “Marijuana: it won’t kill you unless and bale of it falls on you,” makes people smile despite his dubious outlooks. In 1990, when the IRS slammed Nelson with a bill of 16.7 million dollars, the amusing singer released a fundraising album called The IRS Tapes: Who Will Buy My Memories? Within three years his fans had helped him pay off his