Willo Scene Essay

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The intended result of the willow scene is Desdemona is aware of her approaching death. While preparing for bed, Desdemona says to Emilia “Prithee unpin me” (4.3.20). Desdemona is telling Emilia to undress her which is also used as a metaphor for undressing (cleansing) for death. Also, “If I do die before thee, prithee shroud me in one of those same sheets “(4.3.23-4). Here, she [Desdemona] is telling Emilia if she dies before her she [Emilia] should use one of the wedding sheets for her shroud. While Emilia is helping Desdemona undress she [Desdemona] begins to sing a song of “willow”. This songs is about a women who is in love but he she loves proves mad and forsakes her. Desdemona has learned this song from Barbary, her mothers’ maid. Indubitably, Barbary died singing “willow” which foreshadows Desdemona dying at the hands of Othello after she sings the same song. Desdemona has something in common with Barbary and that is she is in love and he she loves not mad however jealous has forsaken her. Desdemona seems to willingly accept her misfortune. “Let nobody blame him; his scorn I approve” (4.3.50). After singing, Desdemona says, “O these men, these men! Dost thou on conscience [in truth, really] think that there be women do abuse their husbands in such gross kind” (4.3.59-61)? Desdemona is asking Emilia if “these men” and their jalousies are impossible. Desdemona is yearning to know if wives ever give their husbands any reason what so ever to be jealous