Willow Ridge: A Short Story

Words: 174
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Monday morning solidified the reality of my summer in Willow Ridge. My parents spent the weekend with us, however, after Sunday dinner it was just Aunt Cece, Sahara and me. Sunday night we moved into the bedrooms Aunt Cece chose for us. She took great pride in providing Sahara and me with our own rooms in her fortress. Honestly, I couldn’t complain about my summer prison cell. There were worse places to spend the summer than Aunt Cece’s palatial guestroom. Sunrays peeking through the sheer-curtained French doors woke me, while the tittering of finches and squirrels reminded me of my rural locations. I acclimated myself to the warmth of sun-drenched hardwood and padded around the room, tracing my fingers along its sturdy, yet delicate, antique