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Choose 3 poems by Wilfred Owen that look at different aspects of war. Compare how Owen deals with each aspect and consider what his overall message might be.

Wilfred Owen was born near Oswestry, Shropshire in March 1893. He was educated at the Birkenhead Institute in Liverpool, and at Shrewsbury Technical School, he later went on to study at the University College in reading. In 1913, after working as a pupil-teacher, he travelled to Bordeaux to teach English at the Berlitz School of Languages. In 1914 World war one broke out and a year later Owen enlisted in the Artistâs Rifles. He was sent to the Somme soon after where he fell victim to trench fever and shell shock. Whilst recuperating at the Craiglockheart War Hospital Owen wrote many poems, it was here where he met fellow poet Siegfried Sassoon who helped him to develop his poetic style. Wilfred Owen was discharged from hospital at the end of October 1917, less than a year later he was sent back to fight in France. Wilfred Owen was killed in action on November 4th 1918 just one week before the end of World War One. Although Owenâs depiction of war is always negative, looking at the poems âThe Send-offâ, âDulce et Decorum estâ and âDisabledâ it becomes apparent that Owen uses many different techniques to shock the readers and to get his view of war across. Each poem looks at different aspects of war, âThe Send-offâ looks at the way in which the men were sent of to war, âDulce et Decorum estâ focuses on the events…