Win Loss Analysis Essay

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Win Loss Analysis:

Win/loss analysis provides the most actionable intelligence available to a company based on its sales results. Put simply, it is the process of contacting clients after a sales activity—whether your company won or lost—and determining what you did right, where you can improve, and what the competitors did right or wrong.
Win/loss analysis makes existing and potential clients realize that your company values the relationship. From the client’s perspective, you are investing the time and resources to learn what you did right and wrong and how you can improve your relationship, products, or services to meet their needs. This analysis is neither an easy process, nor one that all competitors will take the time to conduct. It provides an accurate measurement of how your organization is positioned with decision-makers and key influencers within the client’s organization. If regularly and thoroughly conducted, win/loss analysis also represents a huge data mining opportunity
Creating the win/loss process
There are certain steps to consider when creating and executing a win/loss process, which are outlined in the chart below:
1. Target the right accounts. 2. Include CI in the sales process.
3. Create a questionnaire
4. Win or loss.
5. Conducting interviews.
6. Tally results and analysis.
7. Disseminate on a need to know basis.
Tactical Benefits
• Help Sales win more business.
• Improve sales positioning.
• Identify traits of winning and poor performing sales people. • Predict more accurately the likelihood of winning versus losing a sale.
• Find out why you really win and keep doing it.
• Find out why you